STRAIGHTHATE "Indigenous" (Blastbeat Mailmurder)

The festival of music. Twelve tracks of total annihilation. This record is a bigwig example why greek bands have NOTHING to be jealous of foreign equivalents. Inspiration. Composure. Performance. Eveything is faultless in this release which is dressed with a minimalistic and beautiful layout. SXH members are of high class quality instrumentalists. They have managed to assimilate a bunch of influences so smartly. The record is a modern grindcore diamond, ascribed with an unrelenting fury. Panos (vocals, also in Kommpound) sings like a demoniacal cannibal that has gone mad and he’s out in the streets biting throats. Personal favourites of this release are the brief “Cannibalistic Society”, “Ethnocide” (with a fabulous guest appearance on vocals by LaFount of Into the Gore) and “Curse the Unholy Corpse of Jesus” which incorporates such black metal dose as needed in order to become a hymn! I would like to mention the order that the tracks are displayed also. It is the rightest one since the record floats evenly like a continuing Armageddon and ends up with a so spirited atmospheric colorful mode, marking this way THE END. The band hasn’t revealed anything new for three years and I’m not really sure about its future. It would be a shame, though, not to listen to anything fresh from some people that dispensed much of promises. They are among the indigenous heroes.

Miltos XIC - 15/20

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