DEAD CONGREGATION "Graves of the Arhangels" (Nuclear War Now!)

Well, we finally took the deep breath. And this is something we deserved for so long. Through a million (and more) releases, loom the graves of the archangels. And their song is not mellowly whispered nor mourned in fake despair. These graves bleed of the most ancient pain and yell out REVENGE. All the signs of some purifying consecrated ground had spoken of war. War that was yet to come. The war is by us now and its drums disenthral disciples. To the evil hordes of ethers related, Dead Congregation’s excretion tortures ears and consciousness alike. These are the tunes used in the cold chambers of Hell; a death metal pandemonium taught by the glorious ones of a so blased scene. And not only! “Martydoom” betrays the band’s like to Doom Metal music and many (unbelievable, indeed) doom parts can be traced among the tracks of Dead Congregation’s debut full-length album. Just listen to songs such as “Morbid Paroxysm” and “Hostis Humani Generis”; riff-baked to be served in unholy mouths. The homonym grand opus is the perfect musical oxymoron use of satanic might against the weakness of Christ’s domination and church as institution. A spit to godlike ugliness and divine portraits. The album narrates the darkness from beyond; unknown darkness, mysterious, not blathered about its substance and NOT SHOWN. Fear!

For I, at last, found out one of the best death metal records over the years and know it to be created by greeks (like me) I am very proud. And it is time for a masterpiece like this to be perceived, explored and propagated. The unholy crowds of Gehenna might have found out the music that befits their agelong doom. Won’t you?

Miltos XIC - 18,5/20

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